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I'll come to you, because I value your time. Whether that means your office, your OMMP grow site, your living room, or your local coffee shop, I'm flexible. And I can almost always make a meeting work on your schedule. If you don't live in the Portland metropolitan area, or just don’t like meeting in person, not a problem. Although I firmly believe that there's no substitute for face time with my clients, there are a variety of ways for us to connect virtually as well.



The current environment of accelerating cannabis deregulation at the state level has led to a boom in cannabis startups. Many attorneys won't touch that area of the law. Others are happy to take on cannabis clients, but charge exorbitant rates just because of the type of business involved. Wolf Legal is committed to treating all its startup business clients the same. I'll never charge inflated rates just because you want to work in the cannabis industry. 



Since my focus is on startups and small businesses, which often operate with little to no budget for legal services, I prefer the certainty of flat fee pricing over the traditional pay-as-you-go hourly billing model. That means you and I will agree on the cost of my services up front, before you ever see an invoice. Even if your situation is practically a unicorn among legal issues, I’m happy to discuss pricing options that are custom-fit to your legal needs and financial circumstances.



I’ll take the time to sit with you and explain the details that most hourly lawyers gloss over—well, if you’re interested in hearing them, anyway. I enjoy talking about the law, and I won’t talk over you or leave you feeling like I have information that’s above your pay grade. I’m not happy unless you understand what I’m doing and why.



I've fashioned my law practice as a blend between the old brick-and-mortar model that solo practitioners have used for centuries, and a virtual presence that's focused on client accessibility and controlling costs. I've intentionally avoided leasing a fancy office so that I can pass along those savings to my clients. Why pay another lawyer extra just for a glimpse of their 40th floor view? Wolf Legal provides exceptional services at prices your parents would've paid.


Here, there, almost anywhere ... within reason. If you live here in Stumptown, I'm happy to come to you. Living in New York City? Not a problem, I believe in email, FaceTime, Skype, and the more traditional telephone. As long as I am admitted to practice in your jurisdiction, I will make it work.

I'm Josh


I provide outstanding transactional services, but I also have the trial and appellate experience to litigate your biggest problems when they can't be resolved any other way. 

A virtual presence means I'm not tied to a desk downtown, so that I can come to you, on your schedule. It also means lower overhead, so I can charge you less and offer a bit of certainty up-front through flat fee pricing. And ultimately, a fixed fee allows me to take my eyes off the clock and focus on what's most important—working for you.

If you want a better idea of my lawyer street cred, take a look around this page. If you want to discuss my experience in person, just give me a call.


New York City Bar Association Municipal Affairs Award (2011)

New York City Law Department Division Chief's Award (2010)

New York City Law Department Legal Rookie of the Year Award (2009)

Hofstra Law Review, Associate Editor

Nu Pi Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honors Society (PSU)


Speaker, Puff the Magic Medicine: The Medical Marijuana Movement, as part of the Garfunkel Wild Thought Leadership in Action Speaker Series (2015)

Co-author, The New York State Legislature, in The Oxford Handbook of New York State Government and Politics (Oxford University Press, Gerald Benjamin ed. 2012)

Co-author, Bankruptcy Litigation and Attorney Ethics, in The Tenth Annual Municipal Law Institute Handbook (July 2010)


Admitted to practice law in Oregon and New York


       Hofstra University School of Law, J.D.

Portland State University, B.S., Economics & Political Science (cum laude)

Notable Cases

Salek Investments, LLC v BRK Concepts, LLC: An Oregon landlord sought the eviction of its tenant's lawfully-operating medical marijuana dispensary. Although eviction was ultimately unavoidable in this instance, I successfully convinced the Circuit Court Judge to issue a written order allowing my client to reenter the premises under the supervision of the Sheriff in order to retrieve all the medical marijuana inventory left behind. In addition, I was able to work with OHA in order to resolve any outstanding dispensary violations, and guide my client's transfer of the dispensary to a new location within the same 1,000-foot territory.

Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy: Lehman Brothers was the largest bankruptcy case ever docketed in the Southern District of New York. As lead counsel for the City, I helped avoid litigation while facilitating the recovery of more than $112 million in unpaid taxes on behalf of the Department of Finance.

London Terrace Gardens v City of New York: One of New York City's largest landlords challenged the City's decision to reject the landlord's attempt to unilaterally withdraw from a voluntary benefit program, asserting a violation of its rights under the 5th Amendment, among other arguments. I successfully persuaded three different New York courts to reject the plaintiff's claims (see 2011 NY Slip Op 31206U [NY County 2011], affd 101 AD3d 27 [1st Dept 2012], mot lv denied 21 NY3d 855 [May 7, 2013]).

Expedia v City of New York: Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity, and others sued the City of New York seeking to overturn an amendment to a local taxing statute on State constitutional grounds. As attorney for the City, I handled the litigation from the trial court through two subsequent appeals, where New York's highest Court ultimately upheld the statute's constitutionality (see 2013 NY LEXIS 3187, 2013 NY Slip Op 7759 [Nov 21, 2013]).

Oregon Health Authority v [Portland Dispensary]: OHA issued a notice of proposed violation against my client (whose name is withheld here for confidentiality reasons), seeking the sum of $70,000.00 as a result of allegations that my client was operating a medical marijuana dispensary without a valid registration. After extensive negotiations with OHA wherein I highlighted a fundamental defect in their effort to impose such fines, OHA ultimately walked awaymy client paid nothing.

Joseph v Hyman: A putative class of commuters from outside Manhattan attempted to eliminate a City parking benefit that was only provided to Manhattan residents. The plaintiffs challenged the City statute claiming that it violated the New York State and Federal constitutions. Invoking a little known doctrine called the Tax Injunction Act, I secured the case's dismissal in the Federal District Court, and the Second Circuit affirmed on appeal (see 2010 US Dist LEXIS 91580, 2010 WL 3528854 [SDNY 2010], affd 659 F3d 215 [2d Cir 2011]).

What I Do

Here’s a sampling of some of the services I provide.

If you don’t really know how to label your problem yet, or if you don't see what you need, let's talk!


For Everyone

  • Civil litigation and appeals, including adverse administrative determinations under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), and Oregon Liquor and Control Commission (OLCC) Recreational Marijuana laws and rules
  • Bankruptcy litigation and appeals
  • Tax counsel and litigation, including under the Oregon Recreational Marijuana laws and rules.
  • Workers' compensation disputes
  • Regulatory compliance counsel, including Medicaid and Medicare
  • Entertainment law counsel and drafting services
  • Intellectual property and non-disclosure agreement drafting and counsel
  • Ownership, employment, vendor, and independent contractor agreements

For Startups

  • Oregon Recreational Marijuana laws and rules counseling, including formation and regulatory advice concerning all four licenses administered by the Oregon Liquor and Control Commission (OLCC):  producer, processor, wholesaler, and retailer
  • Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) regulatory counsel, including Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary (OMMD) formation, grow site registration, OMMD and OMMP registrant and/or cardholder advocacy, as well as counsel regarding adding a recreational component to your existing medical business or transitioning entirely to a recreational marijuana focus
  • General business, not-for-profit, and trade association formation services
  • Exempt status applications for not-for-profit and other qualifying entities
  • Registered agent services
  • HIPAA compliance and business associate agreements

How to Reach Me



TEL: 503.893.9788